Shara Hostetler

 Southport City Council 


for Southport Clerk-Treasurer


Update May 2017

Posted on May 13, 2017 at 9:05 PM

Please join me for the Storm Water Utility Board Meeting at 6:15pm on Monday, May 15th. The Council Meeting will begin afterwards at 7:00pm. 

The following is an update on current events in Southport:

Information regarding the Municipal Complex was heard in last week's public hearing. Many concerns were brought up and we hope to shed some light on the storm water and drainage issues at Monday's meeting. 

Information was also given regarding whether property taxes will increase due to the bond for the Municipal Complex. The problem with this answer was that it wasn't really an answer. The explanation was that those who are at their "tax cap" will not see an increase in taxes. Tax caps are complex, and no information was given for those who are not at the capped amount. The money for this project will be paid by the tax payers of Southport. It seems that the information given was extremely misleading as it completely avoided the question. Yes, tax payers will foot the bill, the money has to come from somewhere and to lead people into a false sense of security is wrong. I decided to vote no on entering into a preliminary lease. This is due to the misinformation given as well as the prior promise that was made not to exceed one million dollars for the total cost of the project, which went from 980K to 1.2 Mil. (which includes fees directly associated with the project) and several financial road blocks which have already occured and have led to unexpected additional expenses. A remodel of our community center to better accomedate everyone would have been a better option. 

As it currently stands, the internal controls policy has served to achieve little other than allowing the Mayor's Office, Police Department and Board of Public Works and Safety to spend money without council approval. It is certainly disapointing for the citizens who have been silenced in the process.

Documnetation for the existing storm water lines and sanitary sewer lines that were completed by the city's engineer prior to the project were requested by myself during the public hearing but we were told that these documents were "not for public comsumption". I cannot imagine a scenario where it should be off limits for the public to know what is going on in their city, especially before a controversial project costing the tax payers over $1 million dollars. We have the right to know. 

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