Shara Hostetler

 Southport City Council 


for Southport Clerk-Treasurer



Posted on October 19, 2017 at 6:10 PM

A note on the proposed tax rate/ levy for 2018:

Under the October Council Meeting documents on the "Southport Documents" page, you will find the 2016 tax levy and rate and under this year's October meeting you will find the proposed 2018 taxes. There is a significant increase in proposed taxes. At the October meeting I did not vote in favor of the taxes. I am disappointed that this information was not more clearly presented to the citizens.

Many of our citizens are on strict budgets. With the ever increasing cost of living, I don't feel that the citizens have been given a fair say in a project that was bonded on, which seems to cost the city more and more each month than planned in addition to a million dollar bond.

Although the new taxes will pass with or without my vote, I am disappointed in the hardship that I know it will cause for some of the citizens.

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