Shara Hostetler

 Southport City Council 


for Southport Clerk-Treasurer


Councilors For the Citizens

Posted on November 19, 2018 at 11:05 PM

I am very happy to have been able to reach out to many of you regarding the concerning issues laid out in letters delivered this past weekend. Unfortunately, the other councilors are more concerned with their own agenda, rather than representing you. As councilors it is our duty to hear you. Councilors Cooney, Haley and Winslow do not even bother to inform their own constituents about up-coming issues.

At tonight's meeting the Chief of Police threatened to have a citizen removed from the public meeting for making a comment agreeing with a point that I had made. This is the same citizen who has been targeted by the department multiple times. Our only goal on the ordinance for SOPs is police oversight and accountability. That accountability belings to the citizens of Southport. You may recall a news story involving Southport officers in Sheridan working a part time job when a cell phone was intentionally smashed by an officer because the young man was recording the interaction. There was no accountability for that Southport officer for his misconduct- he is a family member of the official who would have been in charge of disciplinary procedure. 

Many of these ordinances are simply a prep for a retaliation move against anyone that would dare to question the authority of the "Southport elite".

I am disappointed in the other councilors and the Mayor. I am disappointed for the citizens who will be affected. When myself and another councilor publically asked multiple times which elected official the "removal of councilors" ordinance originated with, all other elected officials were silent and refused to give an answer. If it is an innocent ordinance, why does this seem like such a giant secret? 

The people of Southport are the only ones at this point that can hold their elected officials responsible. I hope to continue to keep all citizens informed on what is going on in Southport. You will continue to be my priorty. 

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